Me dipping in the Yuba River, California. This will always be my happy place.

Hello Friends, Family, Lovers and Strangers! 

This is me, Zuri, sharing my year-long, soul-searching, solo backpacking adventure across Mexico, Central and South America with my loved ones and a bunch of strangers on the internet.

About Me: I was born and raised in Hawaii. Left the islands for the mainland at 24 years old. Grew up a bit and got some "real job" experience in the Bay Area/San Francisco. After a few years of "success in  the big city" (depending on who you're asking), I realized that I wasn't getting what I wanted out of life and that there had to be more to life than making a paycheck, buying a lot of crap, and "adulting". I turned 30 and realized that I wasn't at all the person I thought I would be.  I had spent every year of my life up until 30 doing things that were not bringing me joy because I felt a sense of responsibility and loyalty to see things through and do the "mature" thing. I no longer want to live for other people. I no longer accept that I need to just shut up and be numb to the fact that my life does not bring me joy. I WANT TO FEEL EVERY.SINGLE.THING. 

Why this blog exists: I want to document my experiences and my growth as I travel. I've recently fallen deeply in love with photography so I figured that an online blog would not only be a visually stimulating extension to my musings, but maybe a source of inspiration or, at the very least, amusing to others. I have no return ticket to anywhere and I don't know where my life will take me, but once I get to my next phase of life, I'd like to take a look back at the journey I took to get there.